Sunday, February 12, 2017

Liberal Christian Truth Number 1

Liberal Christians will side with militant left-wing atheists over conservative Christians, every time.

One thing that made New Atheism 'new' was precisely its redrawing of the lines to treat even liberal Christians with scorn, despite them previously being seen as ultimately on the same side as atheists.

One reason my concern for respect for left-wing Christians died was repeatedly seeing this play out, from organizational leaders to the lowliest combox commenters.

This is not a conflict that can be 'dialogued' over. The two sides cannot occupy the same church in peace. More and more, it looks like - more broadly - the two sides cannot occupy the same -nation- in peace.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

What the hell is going on with Ted Cruz?

Between this, his Sanders slaughter and his recent media trolling, I have no idea what the hell is going on. But it's pretty great.

Friday, February 3, 2017

The Gelding of What's Wrong With the World + Other Thoughts

I've been a little busy, so a few comments.

* I see Ed Feser's blog is as great as ever. Just a constant drip of great ideas, explained in ways most people can grasp, and with proper charisma and force behind them. I salute him and all that he does, and I remain intellectually in his debt, likely for the rest of my life.

* What's Wrong With the World, on the other hand, hasn't fared nearly as well. Being frank, they've been gelded, or in the case of their female author, sent to the kitchen. After an entire election of Nevertrump virtue signaling and effective endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the lesser of two evils, they've not only been exposed as dead wrong about a variety of things (SCOTUS nominations included), but they've been reduced to near-silence on political issues across the spectrum. Too proud to admit they were wrong, to say nothing of defeat, all they really have left is taking pot-shots at the alt-right - ineffectively, no less, which is saying something.

I suspect that for them, and for many Christians, if Trump manages to appoint multiple pro-life justices and get Roe v Wade overturned, their first reaction will be to scream in outrage. The very idea that they were wrong is not something they will cop to, or perhaps even contemplate. Ah well.

* Meanwhile, looking over at Dangerous Ideas, my heart aches. Over the years, I've found myself moving in a position from 'Left and Right can put aside their differences in the Church and unite' to 'Actually *some* leftists poison the Church, and we have no common ground to work with'. Little by little, the list expanded. From 'John Shelby Spong sorts' to 'Overt pro-gay Christians cheering at fellow Christians being fined into oblivion by the state' to more to... basically, no one left on the list but Victor Reppert. To glance over and see Victor talking impeachment (and way out of date - that russian conspiracy shit died a while ago in the public mind) just breaks my heart. There are ways to have common ground among disagreeing parties in the Church, but more and more I'm convinced that said 'common ground' doesn't extend across left and right. Ah well.

* Trump, meanwhile, continues to amaze and dazzle, and with luck I'll be dazzled for 8 years. Managed to rather quickly make secessionists and 2nd amendment users out of a number of leftists too - to say nothing of clearly making 'the law of the land' a very optional thing to respect. Keep it up, gents. At this rate, we'll be a United States no more... and I can't say I'd mind a change.

* Last but not least, the transformation of 'Love Trumps Hate' to leftists punching people, rioting, and setting fires when someone so much as tries to give a speech they disagree with, is some grimly amusing shit. That said, it's time to end it - I think defunding any public university with speech codes is a good start. Another good one: when antifas get violent, the police handle them with batons, tasers, and rubber bullets. To the eyes. Also, prison time.

* Bonus Pope Francis commentary: God, save us from this menace. Also, being dead honest: grown men who call the pope 'Papa!' in terms of child-like endearment will never stop coming across to me as the most cringe-inducing faggots. He's not your dad, and you're not his infant, you weirdos.

Friday, January 20, 2017

On the Rise of the God-Emperor

Pardon me. I've been busy.

I did manage to catch a glimpse of the God-Emperor finally claiming the throne that is rightfully his, while the cultists of Chaos wailed and gnashed their teeth, screaming bloody murder as realization collectively dawned on them.

Yes, they lost.

Yes, they really, really lost.

Yes, they lost not just to *him*, but to *them*. Those hated millions - the White and Unashamed, the Unchained Blacks, the Patriotic Hispanics, the Unabashedly Christian. All the filth who were supposed to have been tossed into the dustbin of history, and who they were counting on lording over for another 4-to-8 years.

No, riots wouldn't change a thing. No, protest marches wouldn't change a thing. And no, their rage hasn't revealed any willingness on the part of Trump to pacify them. The man just told a 'civil rights icon' to go fuck himself, and blasphemy - my kind of blasphemy - is on the ascent.

I think the part I'm looking forward to the most is the loss of jobs. And I mean, specifically, among left-leaning federal workers, on would-be political operatives who signed on with NeverTrump, and hopefully very many public university employees, particularly in the diversity bureaucracy.

If this comes to pass, and reality starts to slowly sink in for these assorted leftists who now face unemployment owing to the federal spigot no longer flowing so freely, I'll be there with a simple message.


May they find as much solace in the unemployment office as the right-wing underclass did.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Tired of winning

Pardon my silence. Life is busy, projects abound, and I'm largely distracted elsewhere.

In fact, I haven't been able to pay attention to politics for a year! Can anyone tell me how Jeb Bush did against Hillary?

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dear #Nevertrump: We Compromised!

One thing #NeverTrump people don't appreciate about Trump's political success is this: it's actually the result of people taking to heart the advice of the GOPe and (eventually) the #NeverTrump people.

See, the right-wing was told by the GOPe: you guys have to start compromising. You can't win on every platform you want to win on - something's going to have to give. So start compromising, start giving up on this or that issue for the sake of political success.

Which is exactly what Trump's supporters by and large did.

The wrench in the plan was that the expectation was the grassroots right would give up on issues the GOPe wanted them to give up on. Give up on abortion and immigration, and in exchange we'll be able to better advance free trade and foreign wars. The very idea that, given the choice, plenty on the right would gladly sacrifice foreign wars and free trade? That was unthinkable. After all, don't the people revere good ol' George W. Bush?

Didn't they stop to think that maybe a lot of us were *already* compromising by siding with them to begin with? That unlimited free trade and endless foreign wars didn't animate us, but were instead the things we were willing to put up with to achieve our other goals?

This is what compromise looks like, #NeverTrump. Thank you for your winning advice.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Recalled Newsweek "President Hillary" magazine filled with whoppers

Hillary the Human?

Come on, Newsweek. There are lies and then there are lies.

Seriously though, check out the scans of this thing if you can. I love the bit about how Trump's supporters were so desperate to defeat her that they called for the 19th amendment to be repealed.

How sad is it when the mainstream media spends an entire election destroying their own credibility in order to help elect someone who isn't even competent enough to get elected?

As sad as it is funny, I'd say.