Tuesday, August 23, 2016

NCR Purge?

Now this is interesting. I'm hearing Shea isn't the only one fired from NCR.

Heads-up: I'm more a Breitbart guy, and my lifeline to Catholic news is headlines at New Advent. But this smells funny. Can someone tell me what's up? This seems a bit more like a newfound decision by a Catholic publication that they have been tolerating something that can be tolerated no more.

Someone informed, fill me in.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The problem with the Seamless Garment

John Zmirak is a name I've heard before, but never followed up on - I kept assuming it was 'Father Z' for some reason. But reading his writings about the Seamless Garment strategy, I'm impressed. He's pointing out, plainly, not just what's wrong with it, but the reasons people have for promoting it.

Nice to see some sharp Catholics out there.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Mark Shea axed at the NCR

Thanks to Vand83 for pointing this out to me. If rumors are to be believed, Mark Shea apparently has been ousted as a paid editorialist for NCR. I haven't kept my eye on him in a while, but apparently he's recently been playing front-man for the latest left-wing con game on Catholics: the short version is, 'The pro-life movement only cares about dead infants. What nerve. We should redefine pro-life to mean things like supporting massive illegal immigration, amnesty for illegals, and every Democrat social policy in town, because Jesus demands that.' Apparently Shea, ever the hothead, got into it in a nasty way on some other blog I'm unaware of - but it was apparently bad enough that NCR decided they'd better part ways with him now.

Interesting stuff.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Comic misfires of the weekend

Let's see, what happened this weekend.

In New York we had an imam and another get shot. Immediately the local muslim community started screaming "Trump! Trump did this! Trump with his Islamophobia! Trump murdered this man!" I'm imagining that's going to go away now that police have released a sketch of the perp, and he looks... well, they call him 'south american' but I'm pretty sure that's a catch-all for 'a bit dark-skinned and probably another muslim' here. Oh well.

Not to be outdone, the black community in Milwaukee heard that a black guy got shot, and not only rioted and looted (for justice!) but also made sure to get caught on tape chasing down white people to beat. Also yammering about how rich people don't give enough money to black people so that's why they're rioting. But this is what happens when a black unarmed man is shot by a white cop, by which I mean this is what happens when a black armed man with a ton of ammo is shot by a black cop. Because that's what actually happened.

Trump's apparently planning a visit to the site of the riot this Tuesday, so that'll be interesting.

What's Wrong With the Victory

Welcome to the world of 'victory' in 2016 for conservative Christians in America.

Victory here means 'By bowing and scraping before the government, Christian colleges won the the right for their students to continue to receive state assistance with tuition, at the small cost of having to report each and every one of their Title IX exemptions the state. Which totally won't be used against them in any way, shape or form.'

The worst part is watching David French crow about how this just goes to show that Christians can still totally win victories if they just put up a good fight. Sure, he and Lydia suggest, maybe this isn't the -perfect- resolution, but progress is progress! This is the sort of idiot who talks about how great the Middle East is for Christians right now, because it allows them to witness to Christ, ie, get their heads cut off by screeching saracens.

So great. At the mere cost of bowing and scraping, Christians can be humiliated further by the state, but at least funding remains on for now. There's no small amount of irony here in watching a turbo-libertarian and Christian cheerleader celebrating what amounts to 'not quite as bad of an asskicking as this could have been', because it still allows for Christian colleges to receive public money.

Pardon me if my view's a bit more negative.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Rotten white people

While I have stopped giving a shit about 99% of 'racist' comments, the idea of white supremacy is as far from my mind as it ever was. And I have a reason that can easily knock down racial supremacy arguments across the board.

SJWism is propagated by whites, was largely the creation of whites, and a lot of whites subscribe to it.

Whites are no master race, and there is no master race. Tell me genetics of caucasians play a particular role, even an important one, in the founding and maintaining of various western nations and I'll hear you out. But I'll note that whatever sickness has been plaguing the west came in advance of 'diversity' and, as Vox Day calls them, the vibrants.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Agreeing to disagree

Agreeing to disagree doesn't work in a lot of contexts. If I believe Christ is Risen and you don't, we can agree to disagree as citizens of the same country. Not as members of the same Christian church. In that case, agreeing to disagree isn't enough - you need to leave.

You also need to leave if you think same-sex marriage is moral, women should become priests, abortion is acceptable, and more. No, we don't need a dialogue to discuss our differences. Your ass needs to find another church.